Unable to play live video - then retry, receive error homebase is busy


I’m having a regular issue with my eufycam2.

Setup is Eufcam 2 AUS version
7 cameras
TP-line DECO 3 x wifi mesh setup - covering all cameras + 50m around the property.
All cameras report full 4 bars connection, and are within 15 m of homebase.

I’ll either receive a notification, or just open the app to check on a camera.
Camera goes through the process “establishing secure channel”, but after about 20 seconds responds with “unable to play live video… Restart your homebase or check your connection - retry/cancel”
When you retry, the error message “home base is busy”

Sometimes when you wait 30 seconds and try again, you successfully view the camera, other times, its just a repeat of the above issue
It occurs on all cameras at times - eve the camera that is 3m from home base.
Internet connection is stable and not dropping
All cameras and home base are running latest updates, but this occurred under the prior update
It happens independent of whether the homebase is connected by wifi or cable.
App version on ios is the latest version, also have the same issue on android.
Occurs when phone is connected on the same wifi network and when remote.
The issue occurs 2 out of 5 times for accessing a camera (I’ve been recording & counting issues for weeks now)

I don’t know what steps are left to try ?

G’day! I’m also from AUS. Do you have 7 cameras connected to one Homebase? I had a similar issue, emailed support. There solution was to have no more than 4, 5 cameras connected per Homebase. I originally had 4 cameras worked great, then purchased 6 more, 10 in total. I now have 2 Homebase’s with 5 cameras per Homebase, working much better. Hope this helps.

Thanks Khy888,

Yes they are all connected to the same homebase. Under the Eufycam they advertise up to 16 cameras can be connected to the one homebase. Its a pretty poor solution that you would have to buy another homebase to support something they say it does out of the box. Did they provide that for free or did you have to buy ?

From the manual

That’s great! (with only a hint of sarcasm)

At least in Australia there are consumer protections against such lies, if based there, its a worthwhile read - so many uses https://consumerlaw.gov.au/sites/consumer/files/2016/05/0553FT_ACL-guides_UnfairPractices_web.pdf

I’ll wait to see if support comes up with any genius updates, a free homebase or otherwise request a refund + compensation.

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False advertising from Eufy! Not very impressed!
They offered no help at all. I read so many positive comments about Eufy helping, sending out free cameras, etc when users encounter problems, but noticed only if your based in America! If your based outside America, not much help at all.

I questioned the advertised 16 cameras per Homebase, but no response. I asked if they could supply or even sell me a Homebase, nope, I would need to purchase another kit! I am really starting to question the whole Eufy security, support, everything! I switched from Arlo, thinking it would be much better, some aspects yes, but loads of negatives so far.

Tried to buy a stand-alone Homebase 2 in Australia was near impossible. I called Eufy, Anker AUS, Directed Services, nope even they would not sell on its own. I managed to purchase a new Homebase 2 on Gumtree, user had a new unused spare. If I knew before purchasing the additional camera’s, I would have just purchased two kits with two Homebase’s what a complete nightmare!

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