Unable to Play Live video EufyCam E

Recently moved my camera from outback looking for groundhogs to my attic looking for bats. Then it stopped working.

It doesn’t play live video or record anything. I’ve reinstalled the app, the cams, the homebase… switched to wifi mode… nothing works. Any ideas?

To add, when reinstalling camera, I can hear it detecting and playing back audio. Won’t let me add screenshot here on my phone, but at the mounting complete screen you can hear audio, but always says unable to Play Live video.

I am guessing that it either doesn’t have a good signal or is getting interference in your new location. Move it back closer to your homebase and see if it starts working. If that works, then experiment with the camera when it’s live to see where it starts to drop out. You don’t need to drop and add when you change locations. In fact, its better not to so you can verify your signal is good in realtime.

Yeah thats the other thing is the signal is excellent, as the camera is right by the homebase. It’s not the signal.