Unable to link skill

Hi all,

Is anyone having issues linking the eufysexurity skill on alexa?

I can’t link also ?

Same error here since last night when I wanted to try to relink the skill as my homebase was not working properly with Alexa (unable to arm via routines, was telling me that the system is not responding), went on live chat and they told me everything on their end was working fine and that the problem was on Alexa’s side…

So how does that help us ?
Do they know if it will start working from Alexas side or not ?
Reset my Alexa and still no change
Can Eufy give any answers for us ???

how do we get a moderator to respond to these posts?

Same problem here just got mine today and will not link

Same here, brand new Eufy doorbell to replace my Ring Pro and installed it today, only to find Eufy skill refuses to connect to Eufy Security. Skills are written by the company they connect to, the issue belongs to Eufy.
I’ll give them a day or two to fix this or the Eufy doorbell is getting returned.