"Unable to connect to homebase (-12)"

All of a sudden I get this error message when trying to view clip or do anything on app when not at home. When I’m at home it functions properly when using wifi or cellular data. When not home it doesn’t work. It was working properly. This is the same for mine and my wife’s phone.

Were you able to solve this? I have the exact same issue and cannot find relevant information anywhere.

I fixed it by replacing them with Google Nest cameras. :joy:

Were you able to solve this as well? I’m facing very similar issues.

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My homebase (1st gen) received system update version this afternoon and now it says “homebase offline.”
If I power it off and restart it, as soon as I try to connect to any non-Solo Cam it re-enters the failed state.
I suspect they attempted to make a change to the storage subsystem to correct a defect that caused the capture count to not update with a recent prior sw update, following changes they made to try and incorporate UI improvements while expanding compatibility and UI Consistency with the 3rd gen cameras.

I’m a software developer. As such it horrifies me to see impactful and outage-inducing defects being deployed. This does nothing to remotely come close to regaining trust or confidence following the denials and whitewashing surrounding the cloud/security flaws.

I hope they offer full refunds for those of us that invested heavily on the basis of their broken marketing points and promises. I know I would spend the money on rolling my own locally hosted system.

My fix was to buy a Google Nest system. Works great