Unable to connect eufy 2c cameras to home base

Hi there,
I have got new eufy2c system and unable to get this going spending hours!!

The specific issue is home base does not recognize and add on the eufy2c cameras (I got 3 and have tried all three).

I have followed the instruction but no luck!!

Can any one help or it is just poor product??


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I’m having this problem too. Additional cameras and now original cameras don’t connect. Now I think it’s something to do with the latest software upgrade - waiting on support to come back to me.

me too. same problem. But I think there is a problem with the sound from the homebase. It does not emit sound and the app says that the homebase needs to emitting sound wave to discover the new camera…
Could it be a hardware problem with the homebase?

Hello! Can you resolve the issue? I have the same problem… and the homebase 2 dont emit any sound to detect the cameras…