Unable to add any cameras

I have just purchased the 3 pack and am unable to add any of the three cameras all cameras when I try to sync just come up with unable to connect.
I have run through all the trouble shooting steps and nothing cameras are fully charged.
Also on the home base the led at the top has never come on and also its ment to beep? But it’s never made any noise or the voice ready to pair.
I’ve held the button down and the white led at the front flashes but the top on nothing.
I’ve reset the home base and the factory reset it added the home base and the connects to my phone the led is white but still unable to connect any of the three cameras.
I’m at a loss here is the home base faulty seeing as the led at the top has never lit up and there is no noise voice or beeps coming from the home base?

What led at the top of the homebase do you mean?
There is no led at the top. The status led is on the middle front of the device.
Also check whether the cameras are close enough to the homebase when pairing. It’s either that or the homebase could be faulty.


Is your Homebase up to date on the firmware version?

What is your modem/router setup? Is it an all in one or separate? If separate do you have another route to try and add the cameras? This helped for me. I had a mesh system that wouldn’t add cameras when my Homebase 2 was connected to it. As soon as I went to two different stand alone routers, I was able to add cameras to my Homebase 2 and they’ve been working great ever since.