UK / DE availability

Hi just wondering if new devices are going to be released in Europe & if possible an expected month / quarter
@AnkerSupport @Yanyee1 @Mengdi

Motion sensor
Leak detector
Indoor cam
Protective cover
Usb doorbell chime


Usually Europe Market lunch will be 1-2 months later than US market.

The reason I ask is because the wired doorbell still hasn’t made it, doubt it will now & support have said that there’s currently no plans to release the motion sensor outside of the USA

Can you confirm if all of the above will be released in Europe?

The new Eufy Security app v 1.7.5 now lists “Indoor Cam supports German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch” in the release notes. Seems to indicate they may be gearing up for a European launch

What ? But why ? The product exists what did it cost to make it available on the other markets…
I kind on planned to use some of them…