Two homebases in diferent houses with same account

Good afternoon, I have a HomeBase with two cameras and two sensors installed in my house and it works perfectly. I would like to install a home page and another pair of cameras with a sensor in my vacation home and be able to control any unauthorized access, is it possible to install everything under the same account? I imagine that each camera and sensor would be associated with its own HomeBase.

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Yes, you can see all the devices on one account. They would all appear on the same page in the app.

Thank you very much, and how can I configure the two alarms separately, for example alarm deactivated in my house and activated in my holiday home?

Go to the Security tab in the app and set up each homebase with the configuration you need at each location. Be aware that the two homebases don’t communicate with each other so every setting will be keyed to the homebase its running on. You can set individual modes like home and way for each homebase. When you leave one location, you switch to Away for that location and when you go to the other location, switch that one to Home. You can even do it on a schedule if you know when you will want to change the configurations.

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Thank you very much, it already works correctly