Two factor authentication not remember my devices

i have eufy 2k camera pan tilt and when i activated the two factor authentication i received code and my devicrs was added successfully, but when im log out and log in another two factor authentication code was send again, my device its on the trust list but the cameta or the application not recognize it, some one know what is the problem?

How often do you log out and log back in? I think remembering you just means you don’t have to enter it every time you use the app. For security purpose a log out should remove your security key and force a new connection

i have 2fa on kodak cherish camera and when 2fa is activated i can log out and log in often and not ask again to enter a new code cause the device is registered in white list.My eufy 2k camera put my devices in white list too but when im log out and log in its not remember me but im in trust list.