Two-factor authentication Australia

Before investing into Eufy security cameras, ten 2C cameras. I was informed by Eufy that 2FA will be implemented very soon with a firmware update for all Australian users. I contacted Eufy recently as USA, Canada and Germany have this major security feature for a few months now. Apparently all Australian Eufy users will not be getting 2FA? See email below from Eufy, very disappointing:

Thanks so much for contacting Eufy customer service!

We really appreciate your great support in Eufy. Your recognition means a lot to us!

But I have to regrettably inform you that at the current stage, the two-factor authentication is only released in the USCA/DE. Sincerely apologize that it is not available in Australia currently. I’ll try my best to forward your valuable feedback to our associated staff and department and hope they can take serious consideration of speeding up launching process in your region in the future!

We apologize for the small disappointments, thank you again for your support and your great interest in our products, and wish you a lovely day!

Hopefully the current security cameras could still get an update in the future for Australia? i.e. so when we do get it we don’t have to buy new hardware

Finally received 2FA in Australia! Had it for a week, hopefully it will be more secure.

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