Two Existing chimes

I have an existing wired door bell (on the outside) and I am trying to replace it with 2k wired eufy doorbell. I have two chime boxes (one at 1st level) and other (upstairs). Do I have to jump both the existing chimes with provided jumpers or can I do just one?


I think that unless you have a very highly rated doorbell transformer, you will have to jump both in order to have enough current to operate the video doorbell. Each chime will drop some voltage and limit the current that your new doorbell sees.

You could try jumpering one and then see if the doorbell passes the voltage test. Even if it does pass the test, you should trigger the unjumpered chime to make sure that the doorbell has enough current to operate correctly. The doorbell draws the most current when the chime is activated. If the doorbell has any drop outs or issues, then put the second jumper in.

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Thank you for your response I will let you know how this goes.

Thank you!