Turned off my eufy pan and tilt and it wasn’t off

I have a Eufy pan and tilt camera in the play room (which doubles as the guest room). Last night I went to sleep in the guest room and turned the camera off from the app so that it would make noise turning, have the red lights (bc it’s night) or waste my memory card. A few hours later, i woke up bc the red lights were on again and it was turning. It’s still set to off in the app. It’s not connected to my home kit. And, it didn’t create a video, and it just shut off again. What’s up with that? Why would it turn on by itself while i was sleeping?

Hello @Jod281, no clue how would it turn on by itself. Do you have it connected to another device also and somebody tried to view it on the other device? Just to rule out a scenario.