Troubleshooting Mega Thread

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Welcome to the Troubleshooting Mega Thread! Here, we aim to provide a space for our community to better discuss and resolve any issues they may be experiencing with their eufy products. We understand that technical difficulties can be frustrating, so we want to make sure you have access to the support you need.

Here’s how it works when you come across a product issue:

  1. First and foremost, check out our in-app Help page for Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via Call Us or Live Chat for timely support.

  2. If you’re looking for Recognized Issues and Resolving Plans. Head to the first comment below. We will actively update related information to keep our community in the loop.

  3. And if you want to discuss specific issues with our fellow community members, feel free to join us in the comment section (rather than creating a new thread with higher chances to be missed). We know our community has product experts who can offer valuable insights and support.
    Pro Tip: List your affected product/HomeBase model along with the issue. Make sure that your product/HomeBase model firmware and the Security app are all up to date.

We hope you have a smooth experience troubleshooting any issues you may encounter.

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[Recognized Issues and Resolving Plans]

  1. HomeBase 3 Compatibility Plan: Check HERE


Q: Why my devices cannot connect to HomeBase 3?
A: Please check the Compatibility Schedule first to see whether your devices can connect to HomeBase 3 or not. And hope the following FAQ can help you:

  1. How to set up HomeBase 3 in the eufy Security App?
  2. How to connect the batteryCam to HomeBase 3?
  3. How to connect the outdoor/indoor Cam to HomeBase 3?
  4. How to connect the battery doorbell to HomeBase 3?

Q: When will it be possible to switch all devices to a common security mode via HomeBase 3 and not switch each individual device separately?
A: We are working on it and hopefully getting it done by 2023 Q4.

Q: Are there any ideas regarding the development of an external alarm siren?
A: We noticed that our community has been following it. Please keep an eye for further announcements. :smiley:

Q: Any idea when HomeKit support might be added to the Homebase 3?
A: HomeKit support is still under evaluation. We don’t have a timeline for it yet.

Q: Do we need to remove the already installed device and place it near HB3 for connection?
A: The device needs to be within a certain distance from HomeBase 3 to receive the signal to connect to HomeBase 3. Therefore, it may still be necessary to remove the already installed device and place it near HomeBase 3 for connection. We are working to improve this issue in the near future.

Q: If I switch from HB2 to HB3, will I lose some of the features that were available with HB2?
A: HomeKit can not be implemented right now, but all other functions are available.

Q: How to make the camera record for more than 120 seconds?
A: For the battery cameras, please click on Battery device → settings → Power Manager in app and choose customize recording mode so that you can make camera record for more than 120 seconds. However, it is not recommended for battery devices as it may require frequent charging.

Q: What’s the plan for smartDrop connectivity to HomeBase3?
A: SmartDrop is still under evaluation.


My outdoor camera system has become very laggy, and sometimes doesn’t even pick up someone right in front of it. From when I have a motion event it can be 10 minutes before I get a notification :confused:


I have continuous recording on SD card but when I view playback on the app , it says there’s no video???


@wwi15 @ste23159 could you list your affected product/HomeBase model along with the issue?

btw do make sure that your product/HomeBase model firmware and the Security app are all up to date. :face_with_monocle:


@d4vid outdoor cam pro system version

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I have been waiting for months for the floodlight cam pro to be compatible with the HB3… it has been pushed back several timed.

Is this latest date realistic


When I get a notification and tab on it ,it says I can’t connect to the homebase


Mini wired indoor cam … How do i set up continuous record to sd card without wifi

Having problems connecting to cameras. We have good Wi-Fi connection and all cameras are on. Router is good and has been tested. Have removed and deactivated and still cannot connect. These are newer pan/tilt cameras.


Hi all. I have a homebase 2, 2c pro cam, and a dual 2k doorbell camera.

The system is all set up and running, i receive notifications but whenever i try and view live coverage from either camera i get about 5 seconds worth followed by ‘preparing to play’ which then leads to no connection with home bases.

Wifi signal is excellent - the camera has clear line of site to the camera (approx 8m away) and the doorbell just has one thin wall /door between it and the router (approx 5m).

Ive set the homebase on lowest resolution, have updated and rebooted everything but still no luck.

Any ideas?


I have the same problem :rage:


Having the same issue :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Solocam s220 live/manual recording is buggy, even after recording a video for 1 minute the saved video is never full minute. On several occasions it only recorded video for about 30 seconds.

The 2k battery doorbell is totally rubbish and the app is even worse


Cameras are all set up and working but activity zones don’t seem to work properly, camera activated when people pass outside of zones? How do I stop this?


My system worked fine for 3 months now won’t connect to 3 of my cameras saying no signal

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I have had Eufy Security for years, with 15 cameras, motion sensors, door switches and it was an excellent system UNTIL earlier this year!
Despite replacing the Home Base thinking that could be the problem, the Camera’s are continually lagging, cameras & home base are continually going off-line, continually says sensors are open when changing Security modes when they are actually closed, continually misses recording motion & continually fails to Connet to Home Base!
I have written lengthy great reviews for Eufy Security for Bunnings Australia & Product Reviews Australia, so it’s sad to say, Eufy has destroyed their software which has left Eufy Security Products no longer fit for any purpose!


Hi can anyone help me I am having to input a verification code each time I open the app but I have not turned on two step verification really annoying. I love the doorbell cam though.