Triggering lights with eufyCam 2 and Apple HomeKit

Hello there,
Is it possible to trigger my smart lights with eufyCam 2 trough Apple HomeKit automations? Like: “motion detected” by eufyCam 2 -> “turn light on”?

Yes, I have my set up like that. The lights need to be on switches controlled by HomeKit. HomeKit allows you to them turn on only when it’s dark, and I have a separate automation to turn on all my outdoor lights if motion is detected after midnight.

@doug27 I had mine setup that way over the Summer. However, it would literally trigger anytime there was motion detected. Meaning, not after the AI on the Eufy camera recognized it was just a bug or leaf moving and ignore it. It would trigger each and every time there was motion. Does your setup do that? I ended up not using that trigger because I had a light show going on at random throughout the night, lol.

Nice to know, thanks for the information!