Trigger the camera alarm from the door sensors

To prevent false alarms, I have set my Eufycam to start recording on motion in the Away mode, but not to trigger a full out alarm. I would like the option however to have the Cams join the HomeBase in sounding an alarm when somebody triggers it through activating a door or motion sensor. Now you can only select the Cams to sound an alarm when they themselves are motion activated.

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Agreed. This would be super useful. My homebase is in my house but I also have contact sensors on the garage door. The alarm in the house isn’t going to be loud enough to deter someone who brakes into the garage but being able to sound the alarm of the camera in there would really help

This is possible through the automation section.
You can sound camera alarms when for example the door sensor is activated, or when the homebase sounds its alarm.

I‘ve also found out that this is possible by automation configuration. But is there a way to integrate automation into a mode setting like an „Away“ or „At Home“ mode? This would be helpful for usage of my keypad.

Surely this is a no brainer and would require some simple software changes? It would be great to have this an as option, either using automation, but only in the “away” setting, or as an option for a sensor event is detected.