Trigger Philips Hue?

Wouldn’t it be great that the video-doorbell can trigger my Philips Hue lamp when he noticed motion? The lamp is hanging the other side of the door, it would lighten up my driveway when a visitor approach. But also for inside, it would be very handful…

It’s a great doorbell but i can’t recommend it to someone if they want some integration with other smart products…

That would be nice. It would mean that the home base should communicate with the hue hub, which should be possible.
In your case a simple lamp with motion sensor would work as well.

Just a suggestion, but if you had an Amazon Echo Plus, which has a built in zigbee hub (for Philips hue), you could set it up to announce a doorbell ring and use an Echo routine to turn the light on.
Unfortunately it would only work on a doorbell press and not as a movement sensor, so the suggestion of a motion sensing lamp might be a better bet!
I have a light sensing bulb in my porch light which comes on at dusk and off at dawn, cheap to buy from Amazon.

My doorbell triggers my living room lights to flash. For my door light I could not set it up to turn off the light after a while.

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