Trigger notifications and recordings at certain time?

is there a way to set a trigger time for notifications and recordings? during am hours i don’t want to receive any notifications nor do i want my cameras to record, but during pm hours i do (for example from 10pm - 9am), is there any way to configure this for the 2k cameras (pro, indoor, pan/tilt, etc.)?

also, is there any way to zoom when using the web portal from a desktop or when using an android emulator from a pc?


ps - the web portal works ok for my 2k indoor cameras but not for my 2k pan/tilt camera,i get a 20022 error when i try to view the p/t camera.

If you go to the Security tab at the bottom of the app and select the device you want to schedule, you can set up a Schedule Mode that turns on and off notifications and recording at specific times for that device. At this time, there isn’t any communication between the indoor cams so you will have to set up the same schedule for each device, but it’s doable.

I have a mix of cams and all indoor and outdoor cams work fine with the portal, including the 2k pan/tilt. Does your pan/tilt cam work OK with the Eufy app? If so, drop a note to and tell them the error your getting.