Transformer Question

I recently purchased the battery doorbell and hooked it up to the pre-existing wires. I am using this transformer: It says it is rated at 24V but the wires at the doorbell show 27V. I am having an issue because the doorbell battery is not charging. Is the transformer putting out too much power causing the doorbell not to accept the charging?

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I do not have battery powered so I could be wrong. Literature states 2 options for the battery doorbell. Wired or battery up to 6 months. It sounds as though it does not charge the battery. Sticking my nose where I’m not sure. Check the literature. :slight_smile:

I believe when wired, it is supposed to basically continuously charge the battery so that is why I am confused as to how mine ran out of battery.

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What % is your doorbell on and is the a plug next to battery icon? Will start charging when it gets down to 80%.

When it was hooked up to the wires, it showed the plug next to the battery icon and did not show a percentage. However, when the low battery message showed up, it was at 4% when I unplugged it.

I email eufy and asked if I could have it wired and switch it on via the fuse box when it get very low. I was advised that I shouldn’t do this as it will effect the battery operation. It should be left on via fuse box.

Try charging to full then connect it to the wire. When it goes down to 80% it should start charging back to 90% where it will stop and go back to 80% before charging again.

Depending how much you been using it. It will use more battery then it can charge it when connected via wire.

You can fine the battery % in the power management option.

I’m charging now and will test again. Here are screenshots before I unplugged the doorbell wires. Both show it plugged in and charging but that clearly wasn’t accurate. Online chat said that it won’t charge at 27V so that’s why I was hoping to confirm whether or not anyone else is using that 24V transformer successfully that I linked.

I charged the doorbell to 85%. Then removed it from my account and added it back. I re-hooked it to the doorbell wires and it finished charging to 90%. So it appears the transformer is compatible. Hopefully it was just a one-time bug that caused it to stop charging somewhere along the way.

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