Trade In Program Needed

Eufy should have a trade in program for their security devices when you want to upgrade to new ones. Bought a bunch of cameras, door bell, smart lock, floodlights. Now they have better everything just months later.


Just thought about this today and since you already said it, commenting to hopefully bump it up!!

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Your in luck! A trade in with no trade in required…

Only for select country’s though

The HomeBase 3 is not an even Trade-In program. If you read the Trade-In details, it says that you just get $50 off the HomeBase 3. So you still have to pay $100 for the HomeBase 3.

They should allow an even trade for us that have the HomeBase 2 in order to get the new HomeBase 3 without paying any additional money. This current way they rolled this out is making me very concerned and a bit disappointed since we have all been waiting for updates to the HomeBase 2 in order to connect all our devices together. Instead of the updates, Eufy just rolled out a whole new device (HomeBase 3) and then force us to pay extra for it.

who is “forcing” you to upgrade to the hb3. so when a car company comes out with a better car they should just give them to the people that purchased the previous generation? give me 1 example be it arlo, ring, blink, etc. that gives their product away. i just received the hb3 and it’s built like a tank compared to the hb2. I’m just glad they continue to improve and refine their products. most of those other companies i listed would not have backwards compatibility with previous generations of their products.

It sounds like you might not be aware that Eufy has stated that the Homebase 2 would be updated to do certain things that the Homebase 3 now does. This was a long time ago. It never happened.

Also, I agree that it’s nice that Eufy is upgrading their technology. It would just be nice to have the current products technology upgraded as well, especially since people like myself have a lot of Eufy products. It should be about keeping all products updated via the firmware on all products.

Is there a Discount/ Trade in for the HUB 3 going on? I don’t see anything on there site. I’m all new to EUFY and am looking at there starter security kit. It only comes with Homebase 2 though. I plan to add cameras , but buying the kit they won’t let me upgrade when I buy it. I’d like to start out with the 3, but buying the sensors and all separate is so much more money.