Tracking Disappointment

I have been a faithful fan, consumer, and promoter of Eufy security products, until now. I have several of the Eufy security cameras for my home and I have had a great experience up until my floodlight cam 2 pro with 360 degree pan and tilt feature began to malfunction.
Two months ago, the tracking feature on the camera started to miss several moments of people crossing it’s path. Since I have had this camera for over a year and this has never happened before, I figured that it just needed to be recalibrated. I was wrong. It then started to happen on a regular basis, so I reset the camera and began to go through all of the trouble shooting steps that Eufy suggested. This did not fix it either.

I then called Eufy on April 25, 2023 to let them know what I have been experiencing and they explained that they will send a replacement. I received the replacement and immediately realized that it was the wrong camera and it did not have the tracking feature. I emailed and then called them to explain that they sent the wrong camera and they apologized and said that they will send the correct one. I sent the camera back then a few days later received a new camera, which turned out the be the exact same camera that they sent before (the wrong one yet again). I then took a picture of the malfunctioning camera and sent that to them and then they escalated my complaint to the tech division. I received an email asking to give them authorization access to that particular camera, so I did. After giving them access, all of my stored video from that camera disappeared. After a few days I called again to find out the status of my issue and I was told that I would receive an email soon. A couple of days later, I did receive an email asking me for (1) Screen shot of my invoice (2) Serial number (3) My address (4) Picture or video of issue. I submitted everything except the picture or video because they removed all of that when I gave them access. Within a few days I acquired and sent the additional videos showing how the tracking feature was malfunctioning.

By May 22, 2023, I became a bit more concerned because I found out that two of my neighbors had their garages broken into a week prior. So, I called Eufy again to find out the results from the tech division and the representative who answered explained that he watched the video that I sent, and noticed that camera has a mechanical issue because of the grinding sound when it moves. He then told me that I was out of warranty and said that there was nothing else that they can do. I explained to him that I did not understand why they sent me two of the wrong cameras, ask for pictures and videos, and then take a whole month just to tell me that I am out of warranty. It seems that someone should have told me this sooner.

The representative that I spoke with did offer 30% off of my next Eufy purchase, however, this experience has definitely left me with a bad taste. As I stated before, I have been a loyal Eufy fan, consumer, and advocate for the last three years. After this experience, not so much anymore.

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