Touch screen security Key pad is needed

All my life growing up I’ve looked at the old number keypads when it comes to in-home security systems. When it was finally time for me to dress my home with A security system I realize that the keypad was one thing that never changed. I love tech. It’s one of the reasons I own a Eufy cam set up today after being done with the pay by month options. The Eufy cameras and equipment look good, are reliable and they satisfy my tech craving. All except for that ugly same as when I was a kid boring keypad. Please bring the keypad into the future by making it a touchscreen that allows me to interact with my equipment . You will gain millions more customers just from a keypad like this.

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Eufy makes many of their design decisions based on battery life. A touch screen draws a lot more current than a simple keypad (and costs more) and really doesn’t give you any more functionality than you get with the existing keypad. I, for one, wouldn’t pay any more for a touch screen keypad, so I question whether it would draw any more users. Most people will just use their touchscreen phones like they do now.


Agree. Some things are better off low tech. Touch screens are nice, but not the right answer for longevity or durability in sunlight, etc. Give me a button that will work for years and never move and draw minimal power instead please.

Would I change the current keypad… yes. Touchscreen no. Unneeded complication.

Dirty hands…I use my knuckle. gloves on… no problem. My GF is a front line worker and uses a brass “cootie key” to press the buttons when she gets home from her disgusting job. All touchscreen no–no’s.

Affordable, reliable low tech is my choice. Maybe stick an old iPad on the wall. (Did I mention I love my keypad?)