Top priority fixes that need to be addressed

Geo fencing is the only viable option in my eyes without constantly frequenting the app. Yet its still straddling the line of almost unusable. The #1 must fix, well two but of equal importance. The radius is just too big on the smallest setting. I can be on the other side of my neighborhood and it it thinks im home. Major issue. #2 (or 1 as its a big one as well) only being able to choose 2 active modes is almost as crushing as the smallest radius being the size of walmart. As it stands i would probably have to sadly advise people to go else where with other brands if they have neighbors anywhere remotely close or they want something that can semi passively operate. The small improvements were appreciated but they were just that, small and none of the issues completely resolved only improved to some degree, id put more focus into usability. Take a system home plug it up and youll quickly realise where the issues are that need addressed the most. A keypad i whole heartedly believe should be included in the 500 dollar system or atleast some form of a discount since youre already in so deep with a somewhat finiky system. The home kit with the keypad sensors and all i believe should be the base package and a must if you want to keep a full head of hair, this is also pure speculation as i just cant see putting forth the money for a package that seems more a necessity rather than an upgrade. Atleast when a legitimate month to month provider could offer a much better setup, monitoring service and it be mostly passive with a means of turning the system off and on easily. I still to this day put up with that squawk squawk squawk as a headache apparently seems better than all the lost time fighting with the app trying to skip through pages and probably a crash or two leading to a frustrating experience at most… ending with sprint to the homebase halfway across the house like its the last seat in a game of musical chairs all the while its screaming bloody murder instead of any ample means of disaming. Walking to the fridge or when i first get home or the majority of the time its sees me or family and the facial features not getting recognized in time for it to contain itself. Ive tried one good headshot to now having around 8 shots of my face alone in the system for it still to fail the majority of the time. I hate to sound so negative and on a positive side you are listening to feedback and trying to fix things from what i see, just not so much the real quirks of the system. I was planning to order an indoor camera and was hoping you guys would have tried to address some of these same issues or atleast do some discounts/custom packages for the ones of us that have been here through the startup, providing feedback by being the guinea pigs to get all these kinks wired out. Half of the items werent even an option when i personally got the system. Stuff thats now included with some or most of the packages. I just was a little blindsided thinking i was purchasing a premium setup as $499 is a premium price for these items, all to find out its not exactly everything you need to function semi productively, not exactly premium but rather riddled with nuances that need addressed and then hit with hefty prices to get it to what the original $499 should have more than tackled. Like i need the keypad for sure one of the what use to be 25 dollar indoor cams and one door sensor just to complete what ive currently purchased and have it somewhat usable unlike its current state. If the features included worked ie facial tracking, motion sensors not alarming at ghosts, appropriate radiuses on your geo sizing and atleast 3 modes in the geo fencing, like add an alt to be used along side my home and away. so my businesses shop right beside the house can remain secure but i can freely travel my home without having to jump hoops to get the app working or pop aspirin to combat the constant noise ensued. Its bad when all your friends complain of your $500 security system and only can point out flaws or show you an equivalent hundreds less more functioning and user friendly. Without flaw working to standard the sensor package you recently put up and the 2 camera setup with homebase and keypad, motion sensor, 2door sensors would realistly be worth the high ticket price. Not what i received being 2 cameras home base and a bonus door sensor ( were 2 but one has never worked at all, and is solely door art) at 500 thats why im finding it hard to buy items that are now provided with packages cheaper than what i purchased or items that some would say I desperately need. Closing in on the 750 figure for a 2 camera, some cheap sensors and a keypad setup would be obsurd even in a perfect 100٪ working stated condition. Paying premium pricing for sub premium product isnt the way to the top. Actually the direct opposite shows proven success. The image looks nice i guess. I still love all yall. I was dead serious about that key pad last time, incase it was taken as a joke. I really hope these conserns can be promptly addressed or atkeast attempted. I spent 3 years worth of security cam budget getting this far. I definitely cant afford to scrap it start over as invested as i already am. Maybe you could shoot me a message at somepoint. I would like to get this thing somewhat functioning without me and anyone i have around for any length of time hating it. Maybe you have advice atleast or will feel the desire to make things right with all the feedback be it good or bad you’ve recieved from my end. It is better than it first was just way out of the bracket it actually resides in when it comes to price. Premium is perfection, this is not far off from it like it once was, but still no where near premium. Atleast the bare bones top dollar package i recieved. Hope to hear back from someone at somepoint. Will gladly provide a number for a more personable interaction as some of my message might have came off ill advised if you’re tracking what im saying. The price paid vs actual value is just extremely hard for me to make sense of in its current state. The completion components if i were to buy them through youbat full price would have me over what a brick and mortar company(Adt or the likes) would charge for a professional setup, way more hardware and monotoring for a year or so. In no way is this tech comparative to that level. I assumed wrongly about the product being preminum and including keypad enough sensors. Ive rambled enough. I mean youll either make it right or you wont. Hope to hear from you. Heres an email and i can give you my personal cell if a phonecall seem fitting through it.

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