Today.... Homebase 2 update What’s new?

Anybody know?

I second that, lol…

This is my changelog.
I noticed the homebase started off very unstable. Sensors were randomly offline and cameras wouldn’t record. I also was missing videos in the event tab even though it was recorded (got a notification and was able to play the video).
However, after I unplugged the homebase, it seemed to settle down and now it appears to be working. I don’t see offline sensors anymore.

The last changelog line makes me curious, didn’t the cameras do the AI stuff on-device? This line makes me think the homebase is doing all the work. Same goes for the firmware update which broke human detection a while back, this was solved through homebase firmware and not camera firmware. Seems to me there is no on-device AI…

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@John0 I’m still having issues that some cameras turn on pitch black for 2-3 seconds then “turn on” for live view. I was hoping the home base or app update would have solved this problem. It didn’t :laughing:

My doorbell actually started showing that behavior since this update. Earlier it showed the picture immediately

Thanks john0. Fingers crossed on the offline issue.