Timezone issue in schedule


I have two Eufycam2 and a homebase. I’m in the Netherlands, timezone GMT+2.

When I create a schedule to switch to Away from 22->0700 it doesn’t work. It does switch but not on the correct times.
But when I create a schedule to switch to Away from 2000->0500 in the app it switches from 2200->0700 my time.
My location is correct in the app and the app has access to my location data. Timestamp on the cams is correct.

Looks like there’s a bug or something. It uses GMT time and ignores the +2 offset.

Or maybe I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

Thanks for any help

Same issue here in Belgium.

I have found a clue in another thread. Set the controller time zone to a far away zone, for me Japan eg. Then close the app, reopen it and reset the time zone to the good one, for me Brussels. Awkward, but it works.