Timestamp Issue - Cam2

This morning I just noticed 1 of my cam 2 cameras shows only the year during live view. I have it set to Timestamp only. I tired the logo + timestamp and it stays with only the year. When viewing recordings the timestsmp appears in the thumbnail but dissapears once the video starts to play. Again only showing the year. I went back through recordings and found it started with the last homebase update. I guess I’ll pull the damn thing down and reset it. I’ll respond here if it corrects it. I feel like it’s constantly something with these things.

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After turning it off (5 button press) nothing. Removed device and added it back also resulted in no change. Only the year shows. I made a mistake earlier. If changing to logo and timestamp the logo does show, but still no change for the timestamp.

Here I go wasting my time with Eufy support again. All the apologies and then nothing.