Times on door sensor

I have noticed recently that the times when our doors are opened and closed are missing in the events. Recent update on iOS application or home hub maybe? Anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have a screen shot they could post of the times still showing when they doors open and close please? I have raise a support ticket and they require a screen shot but my app has updated all past events
Thank you

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Time gone… now if I can just get them to get rid of the rest! ( hate the 200 open/close events everyday.)

If you need those times for some reason they are listed under the device itself. Hope that will tide you over until it’s fixed.

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@Tina_Louise Same issue here! As ALWAYS, their app updates are horrible!! For every one thing they fix, they bring up new problems or never correct previous issues.

Whoever is on their app “engineer” team should actually use their updates BEFORE they get released. Or get a new team because their lack of attention to detail is effecting Eufy’s reputation. Sad!

Thought you were gonna say what I was thinking… you didn’t :slight_smile:

LOL! Depending on the language and being too critical will get you banned in this community. Didn’t you know that @chefrd?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep! Learned the hard way brother. Everything Eufy is WONDERFUL! Oh boy.

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The update said “bug fixes”! This is straight from the top. How could you possibly doubt Sobre guy!? … yep , I crack myself up.

@chefrd Puppies and Rainbows, LOL! :joy: