Time Lapse daily pic, any way to automate?

So I have bought 4 complete sets of these systems to use around our company and I love them!
We have a construction project that just started and I am using one of the cameras to take a pic each day and when the building is done we plan to take all the footage and make a time lapse video. The question I have is do you know any way to automate this process? right now I log into app, take a pic using the scissor icon. I will have to do it like that everyday for the next 6 months… if anyone can think of anyway I can automate that process that would be awesome!!


Second this! I’d love to know. Also I’d like to have a timelapse of certain times of the day each day.

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+1 would be a nice feature.
There is a option with RTSP enabled. Maybe wanna try this: https://github.com/torreyleonard/RTSP-Utilities

this will not be in 2K I believe

You might be able to do this with Tasker for Android. I just got it and am still learning how to use it, but maybe someone here with more experience could chime in and give you some tips.

Hey group. Just set up my first security camera and would love to know this as well. Unfortunately my garage burnt down last month and I would love to do a timelapse video of concrete removal all the way to construction.

Bummed it doesn’t have this after 2 years! C’mon, man! I wanted to take a pic every 30 mins. to track the movement of the sun so I can find a good spot to mount a solar panel. Oh well, maybe I’ll stash an old iPhone or something. Boo!

This seems like such a simple thing to add. It’s literally my only complaint about my Eufy Cams. Please add a timelapse feature. Does anyone from @eufy_official monitor these threads? Is there a road map so we can see new features and products in the pipeline?

Yes please !! we want Timelaps !!!

Yes, the ONLY reason I still have a Wyze outdoor cam is for the TimeLapse function…otherwise I’d have nothing by Eufy cams.

I’ve got an S330 Home Base and a pair of 4K cameras.
I’ve added an internal HDD to the Home Base and I’ve set the cameras to record footage with a high degree or sensitivity to movement (120 second clips in 4K with 5 seconds between clips when motion is detected). This will be a little harder on the batteries but won’t run the cameras flat.

You can plug in a further HDD or USB stick to the Home Base and use the Video Archive feature from the app to bulk-export footage from your cameras to the external storage from the internal storage. The footage is exported in H.265 .mp4 format.
Because the footage isn’t continuously recorded but rather recorded when motion is detected this has the added advantage of only offering you the interesting bits rather than when nothing is happening.

I just bulk drag the footage into a video editor like Premiere Pro and speed it up 10000% and viola, there’s my timelapse.

This solution presupposes you have a home base. I recommend it.