The security part on your app

When u press security on your app on your phone. I come with all these modes. When your home when your away etc. I want the security to be on all the time so even if I am home or not home I would not have to go change the setting and i would know if anyone wants to steal the device i wouldn’t need to worry. So my question is how do you make the security stay on all the time.

Easy. It’s already defaulting to Home. Just make sure the settings for Home are what you want all the time and don’t change the Mode. As long as you don’t change Modes, it will always have the settings you give it.

The Modes are there for people who want different settings when they leave or to schedule certain devices by time of day. If you don’t want to change anything, you don’t need to use them and your setting should always be the same.

@mahmood07876 I agree with @pysailr if you want notifications and a recording, keep it on “home” and you’ll be fine.

The modes are really to change how you want your cameras to operate. Because each camera has options to record, receive notification, allow the camera to alarm, or to set the home base to alarm. Imagine if you have several devices, you may not want them to all react the same way. Thus the importance of modes.

I would also suggest that you set the “anti-theft” feature on each camera…and set an automation that if the Home Base alarms that all the cameras record and alarm as well. Depending on how many cameras you have…you can really make things loud if/when needed.