The Future of Baby Care is Coming Soon!

Hi eufy fans,:smiley:

Can’t sleep at night because you’re constantly checking on your baby or worrying about them?
Track your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trend with eufy’s upcoming product so you and your baby can get a well-deserved, good night’s rest.

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With kids 14 and 18, I will say that looks awesome although a little too late for me. I think it should be pretty interesting to see though…

Yes! I want to know how they are planning to attach sensors.

It feels like there are some real challenges to overcome here, curious to see how they work some of those out.

We don’t want more products! we want you to deliver on your promise of IFTTT integration, or ANY integration whatsoever!!! This is the most ridiculous approach you could have… making a locked in system in this day and age is stupid…

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If I had to guess, I would say probably some sort of band or wearable technology (hopefully not the head band on the baby right in this pic) :rofl:

Wearable item could be like a band, a watch type item or clothing item under their onsie. I agree with sticking something on the baby when they are unpredictable. I wonder if it is a leg band or a foot pad that goes in a onsie.

The thing we had was that sensor pad for when there was no motion on the sensor.

Probably chip tape. Can’t think of any other way that they can do without future lawsuits.