The eufycam and floodnight doesn't work at night. Detects dust at this point

I know this is a well known issue for EUFY but I need to know when its going to be fixed. I get it, bugs exist with technology but if you cant fix the facial recognition at night the LEAST you can do is give users the option via the interface to be alerted for ‘all’ things at night or large area movements. This is a horrific user experience and its tarnishing your brand name because friends literally ask me which floodlight and outdoor camera I use and my only response is ‘whatever you do DO NOT buy Eufy’. Make this a priority and fix it. Imagine spending money to know when someone is in your yard ‘day and night’ and get woken up a million times when a leaf falls nearby.

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I have the same problem. It records heavy rain, bugs and leaves. I also get too many error messages when trying to download a video and eventually give up. I’ve had the floodlight camera for two weeks and am already sick of it.