Thank you, Faye and Cheryl.Q, for helping me resolve problems with my system

I have had a Video -Doorbell camera, 3 eufyCam cameras and a Homebase for over a year, now. My main reason for buying a Eufysystem was to have the secure, local-only and free storage for my camera footage and events log etc. I was fascinated by the scope and depth of it’s functionality, the implicit complexity, impressed by the quality of finish of the modules, and not a little excited to own an evolving product.

My Eufy system worked flawlessly for 6 months before cameras & doorbell gradually began to go offline increasingly frequently until nothing would remain online for more than 12 hours. I followed all documented troubleshooting suggestions without any success, and searched these forums for any similar cases, before raising a problem report which triggered fairly generalised AI fault-finding responses. After, I had exchanged messages a few times with the AI, Faye, a Eufy Customer Support Engineer responded with more specific tests designed to pinpoint the problem. I did have to spend some time performing these, but I was interested in understanding the problem and that gave me patience. Trying to be helpful, I used a phone app to detect the presence and strength of the Eufy Hub wifisignal. Eventually, Faye asked me to return the Homebase, and sent me a replacement by return. This resolved the problem completely.

More recently, one of the eufyCam 2c cameras started to provide a “misty” image.
Again, I raised a problem report, but this time I received a much improved AI response which, at my reply, immediately triggered a response from a Eufy Customer Support Engineer (Cheryl.Q) who painstakingly helped me through fault-finding. Finally, after viewing image files from the faulty camera, Cheryl arranged for a replacement camera to be sent. The problem was resolved.

After a career in engineering systems, I understand that the pressures of developing and supporting complex functionality whilst maintaining continuous product improvement in an ultra-fast smart consumer electronics market place can be very exacting. The backstop is always the Customer Support Engineer !

So, I’d like to say a big thank you to Faye, and Cheryl.Q. who were patient, very polite and helpful.

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