Tampering with the Base Station by Family Members

Hi, I have a question about the base station. If it is disconnected from either the power or the router by my household members, eg my daughter, can I configure it to send a notification to alert me that it has been disconnected?

@van1779 I wish it did, but as far as I know…there are no alerts. I would make sure your homebase is secure and in a location where it can’t be unplugged. As far as the internet, it will still record if your wifi is down.

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You could probably set up a script to ping the homebase address every few minutes and send you a notification if it didn’t respond. You would have to have a fixed IP address reserved for the homebase in order for this to work. If you have an android phone, you might be able to do it using Tasker. I had a couple ideas for automated routines and downloaded Tasker to see what it’s capabilities are, but haven’t had time to check it out yet. Too many projects!

Might even be easier to do within your home network if you have a PC that’s running all the time.

Another idea is buy another homebase and use it as a decoy.

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you might be able to get the notifications for this with the FING app (for android, ios , and windows pc). i don’t know if the free version will do it but i believe the paid version will.


@preset @dpoppo Interesting, going to have a look in to the apps when I get time.

Edit: Just had a thought, maybe @eufy_official can look in to adding an alert feature to Homebases whether it be a visual or audio (or both) that lets the user know it has lost connectivity to WAN. The alert (and logs) will be enough to warn any people disconnecting the Homebase from the LAN :wink:

@xstealthyx Homekit sends alerts when the cameras go offline, so I’m not sure why Eufy couldn’t do something similar.

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