Take on-demand jpg snapshots without motion

I would like to be able to trigger a snaphot from my camera (Eufy 2C Pro) - even if no motion has been detected. Capture live jpg images with a simple URL seems like basic stuff, and I was literally shocked when I discovered that this is not yet supported by Eufy.

I can do this kind of thing with a very cheap Reolink camera (https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007011233-How-to-Capture-Live-JPEG-Image-of-Reolink-Cameras-via-Web-Browsers?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_bqkppW59gIVfoxoCR2nnw02EAAYASAAEgKWsvD_BwE).

I mean, with a close ECO system like this, you miss a lot of customers, e.g. all the people within the home automation domain.

So, I very much vote to have this basic feature included in one of the upcoming firmware versions!


Is there anything new on this topic?

I’ve been messing around with the system using python and a non-public API, and the biggest issue with these things is latency. The best I’ve achieved so far is about 40-50sec from ‘trigger’ to collected image, and the path to get there is not pretty at all. The only thing this would be good for is to take some sort of time lapse.

It goes like this:
Make a ‘guest’ account for eufy-security, this is used for the API to make a call to fire up the live view from Eufy’s AWS server. It, in turn makes a request to the home base, which in turn fires up the camera live view. All of this is relayed back. The py script then assembles the video frames into a complete image, completes the cap, then shuts down the stream. U.g.l.y… and useless for anything event driven

+1 for ondemand snapshots! even a simple Ali Express cam can make ondemend snapshots! Why is it not possible for Eufy?

I appreciate the existing security measures, I believe there’s room for improvement. Specifically, I think it would be extremely valuable to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for our Eufy accounts. MFA adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that even if someone has our login credentials, they cannot access our devices without the second authentication factor. With the increasing importance of IoT security, this addition seems critical.

This feature can be valuable for various use cases, including home automation. While I don’t have the direct capability to influence Eufy’s firmware development, sharing your feedback directly with Eufy’s customer support or through their official feedback channels is a great way to express your interest in f size bra having this feature added in a future firmware update.

I recently joined the eufy Security Community and it’s been incredibly helpful! The forums are filled with useful tips, troubleshooting advice, and engaging discussions about eufy products. Whether you’re looking for solutions to specific issues or want to share your experiences, this community is a fantastic resource. I appreciate the active participation and quick responses from fellow users and moderators. Highly recommended for all eufy security product owners!

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