T8420 1080P Floodlight Camera Compatibility w/ Homebase 3

I notice on the Homebase 3 compatibility chart that the T8420X Floodlight Camera is now supported w/ Homebase 3.

The compatibility chart makes no reference to the T8420.

My question is what are the differences between the T8420 and T8420X Floodlight Cameras and if the T8420 is also supported with the Homebase 3.

I have the T8420 and compatibility is questionable! It saves events to the HomeBase 3 but that’s it. Doesn’t save video, cannot use it for automations, it’s not part of the same schedule settings. The compatibility update is effectively useless.

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Thanks for your comment. Sadly it looks like Eufy is now stating that support for the “Bionic Mind” is under consideration, no longer even stating an imaginary support date.

Can you share with me what System Version (firmware) your T8420 is on. Mine is (2023-2-27-04:00:05). (Settings->General->About Device) Thus far, I haven’t even been able to even see the ability to add the T8420 to the Homebase 3. I am assuming I need to wait for a firmware update for my T8420.

It’s (11-02 03:37)

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