Sunset - sunrise schedule for Eufycam 2c

I’m trying to figure out how to create a schedule for my Eufycam 2c to automatically capture movement between sunset and sunrise. I only want the camera’s to operate and capture based on movement at night time.

Currently I’ve only found a way to set a schedule by setting a specific start and end time. Is there a sunset and sunrise option somewhere?

My camera’s are also integrated with HomeKit. HomeKit has a sunset/sunrise option but I can find a way to control recording based on motion via HomeKit.

Thanks, Tony

No sunrise/sunset option currently. Not sure about HomeKit.
I have GOODNIGHT and SUN as 2 modes I use for my schedule. Both need to be adjusted as the seasons change. Maybe every 2 weeks I change the times on goodnight. The Sun mode I just wait for a few false triggers and then change it. Pretty easy.

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