Stream RTSP with SD card storage still enabled

How would I go about enabling RTSP for streaming as well as still maintaining SD card storage simultaneously? I would like to continue writing to the SD card in my eufyCam 2K camera, but would also like a backup RTSP stream so that I can still view my cameras locally if the app server goes down again. Any help would be appreciated!

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I just inserted the SD card and told it to record continuously. I also have RTSP going. So it’s easily doable, just turn them both on.

Fantastic, I thought that if I enabled RTSP for storage as well it would disable the SD card recording. Glad I can have both, thanks! However, does it only stream via RTSP in 1080p as opposed to 2K?

I have been running the way you describe since the time I got my 2k indoor camera working. The fact RTSP is at 1080p does explain alittle bit though. I was wondering why it isn’t as clear. still looks pretty good though.


Yes the stream is only in 1080p as far as I can tell.

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