Stranger things


I have just wondered if I am the only one who has this issue…

In B+W night mode, on a perfectly still clear night, it is looks like there’s a snow storm going on.

If I turn on the light, the strange whizzing dust partials seemingly disappear.

This appears on my 2C Pro, 2k doorbell and Floodlight.

Do I live in the upside-down or is there something else behind this strange effect?

Full video

Light goes out at 10 seconds.

I lived in low country in SC at one time and they had so many bugs that at night the infrared eyes would see them just like that. Where you live do you have also lots of bugs?

@Ian97 I love the Strangers Things reference, lol!! I have seen something similar, but mine is usually dust/dirt being kicked up by a moving vehicle or animal. We get small insects as well, but not swarms of them. When I first got the Eufy cameras they use to detect them all the time, now they don’t, which is great!

I have a similar problem. Can’t tell if its dust or a bunch of tiny bugs. Very annoying!

I get the same thing before the flood kicks on and they all run away.

Creepy, but pretty normal.

It’s FOG

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