Storage capacity upgrade for homebase

Is there option to upgrade homebase storage to some capacity higher than 16GB?


There are plans for the use of the USB port on the back of the homebase to support video storage via a USB drive up to 128gb, this is coming later but still no dates from Eufy as to when this will be available.


Vote up. Expanding possibilities via USB would be an great addition and nice Unique Selling Point.


Thank you for reaching out!

We recommend using a class 10 high-quality SD card; the largest card our Homebase supports is a 128 GB SD card.

The extreral storage plan for the Homebase 2 will also be availble shortly :slight_smile:


Still waiting for the usb external storage update?


@AnkerSupport what is shortly? You been saying it will be available shortly for past 4 months. Is shortly 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years? or 2 centuries? Please stop giving vague answers. This is poor customer service.


Why only 128GB?

I’ve loads of small NVMe SSD drives mostly 256Gb sitting there, from kit now long upgraded to TB and Raid TB drives, that would welcome a second life in a USB 3 SuperSpeed external NVMe enclosure.

Any upgrade from the measly 16Gb internal would be extremely welcome as I feel it’s Eufy’s only major caveat at the mo, compared to Arlo, Blink and the rest.


Add my name to the list of folks waiting to enable USB memory expansion. Bought this unit thinking it did as I saw an add that said it would. Not happy.

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Reduced to 1 star on Amazon review. Those that feels cheated by Eufy should do the same. New customers must be warned of how Eufy break promises.

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Now the answer…?
No USB Storrage avilible…in the future…?
I think 4 Month are a long timer over and now it does not work every time?

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The answer has been given already in another thread. USB storage expansion is not coming.