Static noise eufy indoor can 2k

We’ve had the exact same problem. I managed to fix the no audio issue but now the buzzing noise is driving me so crazy, and we have to sleep with our camera audio on so it is beyond irritating. Tried everything to no avail. It’s a shame.
Having said that, we have the exact same device in another part of the house and that one works fine, with no issues. Really hope Eufy resolves the issue.

I’ve just notice that all of my eufy cameras are having this issue too. The static noise is always present. I’m using a C2 Pro kit with 2 cameras, 2 indoor cam 2k pan & tilt, and 1 outdoor cam E220. The sound from the camera end is very low while the static noise is constanly present.

same issue here, no sound can be heard through the microphone of the camera. i have the 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt camera. not working in app or through RTSP stream. doorbell does work so i can’t be app related. worked perfect until it received the update to firmware please fix this!

Hi, I created this post last year and thought EUFY would provide a fix, but as of today… a year later, my camera still has static noise. No one from Eufy was even bothered to send a response. This shows that they already have our money and are not willing to fix a problem caused by their own update. Yes, the camera was working perfectly fine before the update. I will upgrade to a better brand this year.

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Same issue here, indoor 2k cam static noise with almost no volume when everything is in max. We are using this as a babymonitor and although this worked fine for over 2 years now it’s not. Sound needs to be on all the time and with the noise not possible to use anymore. As another one mentioned, was also looking to expand network but will wait for fix, this will determine eufy or switching to another brand. Luckily costed only 50 bucks. Firmware

Yep same problem overhere, but i’ve got two of these indoor pan/tilt 2k, one works perfectly 1year old, and the other one with this issue ( loud static noise but also the normal sounds on a lower volume) and that one is 2 years old. Hmmmm just 3 days outside its warrenty.

Both on the same firmware

I’m not gonna make fuss about it for 50 bucks. Just gonna buy me a new one.

Same here. 2y old indoor pan/tilt 2k. Used to work. Firmware no sound or very muffled, was working fine before. Can’t use it as baby monitor anymore, cry detection obviously does not work any longer.

You need to submit feedback through app.

I’ve had all of these issues with my Indoor Cam 2k as well. I just removed the eufy ac adapter box and connected the camera to a powerbank instead (until I can find a spare USB adapter!). The whistling has stopped, the camera now connects properly to my app, and the sound is back to normal. I checked the firmware and it is now up to version
At least this fix is working for me, although given the comments above I’m not holding out great hope…