Spotlight necessary for 2C night vision?


I just put up a 2C in the bushes in the yard. during the day it records and live streams fine; however at night, all I get is almost pitch dark. I thought the 2C have night vision, or am I mistaken? or do I have to have the spotlight turned to the record at night? I do not want the spotlight to be on though so I hope it’s some settings that’s not correct, but there doesn’t seem to be much more settings to mess with. I tried turning on and off the status LED and IR LED but picture is still pitch black.

I also have a eufy a 2E and night vision works fine on this 2E camera in a pitch dark setting.


Howdy… my first cams on my system were 2c’s. At first I was not a fan. But… now… they are my favorite option cams. Tiny… easy to hide… and the option of spotlight is wonderful. You have a few options. Off… IR… or spotlight. Off backed by a motion light works great. IR on a clear night is amazing… and spotlight on a night with fog gives you a a usable view.

If I could have a cam built for me it would be this cam with 2X battery and 4x spotlight . Unfortunately they don’t give a crap what I think.

The spotlight is super weak… and a last option. But here in the Pacific NW it’s a game changer. It gives me “something” when no other cam would.

I will try to upload my driveway cam. Good luck to anyone walking my drive…

What’s the problem?

Hello trouble maker. I see you. Do you see me?

Can I get a night pic? If one thing close by is lit by the IR it will default to that … and everything else will be under exposed