Split activity zones?

2c cams with homebase 2, in the activity zones help menu, it says you can add activity zones (up to three) and split activity zones into smaller activity zones. Anyone know how to split the zones???

What would be really helpful is ability to rotate and angle activity zones, but it appears people have been asking this question for a while now with no results.

Any help would be appreciated

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You can’t . You get 3.

Thought so, but I had to check with the more experienced users, thanks for the reply.

Now, if only I lived in the land of lego where everything was perfect and could be captured in a square…….

LOL… odd thing about this company is they don’t share info across their different camera groups. I said this before but it’s like the manhattan project inside Eufy. The implosion team can’t talk to the projectile team.

Many cams have multi-point zones (no legos) … some have privacy zones…some have ignore zones… some have fonts that have dark edges… some cams can record motion only and at the same time alert you about humans , pets, and babes crying… some have a tamper alarm… and on and on.

This company needs 1 strong leader. I bet I could take 10 sharp people off this very board… give us 6 months and the ability to fire and rehire as we see fit… and as a group make all decisions for that time period… this would be a completely different experience.

I’m gonna edit this post: I’m also sure those 10 people would also do it for free. I would


A few simple changes would make these cameras far more superior to what they are now, it’s illogical not to address them.

I say simple, but I have to be honest and really don’t know how hard it is to change the program to allow angled or even custom shape activity zones, but that’s why I rely on much smarter people than I to do these things :rofl:

They already do it