Spaces in wifi password

I’ve just purchased the Eufy Security Doorbell, which comes with a Homebase 2.
Apart from the fact that you need a wired connection to setup a wireless one, what’s really disturbing is that you are not allowed to have spaces in the PASSWORD of the wifi.
Not the SSID. The password.

There are studies that actually recommend, for better security, that you choose a password made of several words (obviously, for ease of use, separated by spaces). How can a security-aimed device void that principle?

Please, I really like the product, please tell me there’s a way to input a password that contains spaces in it.
I have way too many devices that will need changing the password of (some of them a rewrite of firmware, being just some hobby work I did) if I were to change the password especially for this device.

So tell me, is there a way?