Sound alarm - what is it

In away mode what is sound alarm?

Is it an alarm which sounds when motion detected?

Or is it an alarm when someone’s interferes with camera


I had the same question. There are so many different interpretations of this. I’m nervous to set the away mode as I’m not sure what is going to trigger an alarm - as in just the anti theft alarm or will an alarm sound just on any movement or just on people. Will it sound on the camera? Will it sound on home base? Will it sound on both?

Hi John, based on what you can read in the app, the alarm will sound on the homebase or camera if you select it.
The profile configurator clearly states ‘when motion is detected’, and two checkboxes where you can select the homebase alarm and/or camera alarm.

@John0 @Johndebert In my experience, if you select the camera to alarm (check the box under modes), it will trigger…however, it depends on HOW you set each individual camera (all motion vs human detection) on when it alarms.

For example, I have a couple of cameras under a few porches that are set to “All Motion” (sensitivity 6). When set, these cameras will alarm if something triggers it (animal, even a big insect). For the other ones in walkways or open spaces, I have those cameras set at “Human Detection” (sensitivity 7). These cameras will not alarm if it does not detect an AI human figure, even at night with an animal walking past it (I will get a notification, but no alarm).

I can’t speak on what happens when you check the homebase, for example “Away” mode. I just know that’s how the individual cameras work when you check them to alarm in any setting. I’ve only used the automation if the base alarms, then the cameras all trigger…which is not motion activated, but more for anti-theft purposes. Hope this helps.