Some indication of connection experience?

I’ve had a base station (the initial version) and have 3 different types/generations of cameras connected. Nothing has ever moved in terms of my home wifi, the base station, and the cams. The system goes through phases of being quick (a knock on the door and I launch the app and see who is there) or deplorably slow (a delivery driver rings my bell or keeps knocking before the system alerts me or I can view a live feed).
I’ll be frank… Not one of my cams, of any spec, has ever come near needing only one charge per 365 days. They work very well for a battery powered camera though.
I want an indication that if I request the live view from a cam it’s connection strength is good enough I’ll get it quick. It’s the difference between simply answering the door and just it ignoring it completely and seeing after.
It’s become awkward that a delivery driver calls because they’re waiting to see the delivery taken inside. We’ll, I’m waiting for the dang video feed.