[SOLVED thank you to everybody that commented and helped I will update after I’m back from work]Eufy doorbell stops working + completely wipes from Homebase + Eufy app after installing it into mount? (Please help!)

Hi, this might sound completely bizarre so as the title says when I mount my eufy doorbell into the mount which came alongside the doorbell the doorbell stops working and completely wipes/unpairs from the eufy security app and homebase (- YouTube) I’m completely lost as to why this is happening and haven’t seen anybody else encounter this problem both the homebase and doorbell are on the latest firmware I’m not sure what to do? As everything works perfectly it only seems to be happening when it’s mounted into the mount. Please help!

YouTube video displaying what’s happening

Picture of the mount

How far is the doorbell from your home base? Is this new and always been this way or did it just randomly start being crazy like that?

Looks like you somehow push the sync button for 3 seconds when mounting it in. The way you mount it is not proper. You need to slide the top part into the mount and then click the bottom part to get it in there. Pretty sure it’s in the manual like this, too.

Lastly, get rid of the eufy branded security sticker and get a generic sticker. Now people know exactly what system you have and can exploit that.

I also think you may have accidentally pressed the sync button while mounting, or that the mount is not flush and when the doorbell is inserted to the mount the sync button is pushing up against a bulge. I don’t know if this is possible but make sure that the screws on the doorbell (for hardwired power) is not shorting due to bad/loose contacts or something.

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