Solo indoor p24 stopped notifying me about human detections... how do i fix?

i went thru all of the phone (samsung galaxy) and app configs.
i rebooted the phone.
i re-installed the app.
i have 3 of these indoor p24 cameras. i just bought the 3rd for christmas.

it is detecting everything (motion, human, pets).
it is notifying me about motion detections but it is not notifying me about human detections.
yes, i have it set to notify me about human detections on all 3 devices.
yes, i checked the security mode (home) settings to ensure it is set to provide notifications.
i can’t recall when it stopped working… but it used to work (perhaps a month ago).

the one odd thing is that in my phone’s notification settings it has show notifications enabled and in other it lists “eufy motion” and “eufy doorbell ring” (i also have a eufy doorbell) but it shows 1 category deleted. i have no idea what this category is nor did i delete it. according to what i found online, the app deleted it (link below). however, since i re-installed the app and it has not sent me a human detection thus far it is also possible that it is not listing ~ “human detection” for that reason alone (i.e. not a config issue but a firmware issue).

i reached out to eufy support but so far i’m getting the run around (basic checkout junk).

Eufy server was sliw during Xmas and Jan.

you need to sent in feedback with log to Eufy.

Hi rds31.
Eufy responded… said that it fixed the issue in a new (camera) firmware release. I verified that the new firmware release got auto-installed on all 3 cameras (impressive how quick Eufy responded and updated!); however, while there was a slight improvement (i.e. I was being notified about ~ 1 of 10 human detections) the issue was not resolved. I sent Eufy another ‘feedback with logs’. Eufy’s responded… said that it fixed the issue in a new (phone) app release 4.5.4). I just updated the app. I’ll respond in a couple of days if this issue is fixed. Overall, I’m impressed with Eufy’s support (customer and development). I’ll be even more impressed if this fixes the issue :grin:

the new app released on the 16th Jan 2023 really mess up.

Sent in feed back again.

what is really messed up? one change that i noticed is it no longer lists the number of detections… just 0 or an icon (which means ‘some number’). i’m not a fan of this change but it’s not important to me either.

i informed eufy via app > feedback again that i’m still not receiving most (~ 90%) notifications of detections which are shown in each (of 3) camera’s detection list.
eufy said that it is fixed in app v4.5.5. i’m not seeing it in the play store thus far… so i’ll check back later!
i won’t hold my breath.

oh yeah, and i re-verified phone and app settings are correct for notifications and wife’s phone isn’t receiving the notifications either.
last, i have the eufy doorbell and i get notified about 100% of detections.