Solo Cam S40 spotlight not working when motion is detected

I just received my solo S40 today I got it all set up and running. I have encountered one issue that I hope someone can help me fix. My spotlight does not come on when it detects motion. But I can manually turn it on and it works just fine very bright light. Went through settings spotlight is turned on. When to night vision settings color mode turned on. Motion detection is also turned on.

When testing it out and complete darkness I do get motion notification alerts on my phone but the light does not come on when motion is detected. Am I missing a step somewhere

Same issue here, I’m guessing it’s a software issue. I emailed tech support with requested info but have not gotten a response.

I also have this issue

I have the exact same issue! So damn annoying. Works fine if I manually turn on, however not when walking in front of camera. I really hope Eufy engineering is listening as this is a major issue

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This may sound obvious, but did you toggle the setting to turn the floodlight on? By default they only use the IR lights (at least on my two S40’s).

Open the app. Click on the three dots in the app where your S40 shows up. Go to settings and then Night Vision settings. You can change the light to come on with motion there.

Have the same issue on my 2c Pro cameras - ever since last recent version update - and all settings are correct, been toggled off and home-base restarted too :smirk: