Solarpanel for eufycam 2c planned?

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Could it be that the eufycams will get an solarpanel addon?

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There are talks that Eufy could be release a solar panel but this might as never happen. We’ll have to wait for an official statement from them.

You can get 3rd party solar panels that will work fine


@Tank confirmed in one post that Eufy will have a solar panel available in Q1 of 2021. The latest firmware for cams has a new item under power manager called Power Source, which lets you select Battery or Solar Panel, so sounds like its close.

I have one camera on a Ring solar panel and it worked fine until the winter set in. We don’t get a lot of sun in Washington in the winter. I am going to try the POE 5 volt injector and see how that works. That way, I can turn off the POE on a schedule to keep from overcharging the batteries.

I am guessing that with Anker’s experience in battery gear, the charge controller cuts the charge off when the battery gets close to full charge to prevent overcharging, but being able to do it myself will ensure I get max battery life.


I also assume we can’t use that to make them record more right? ie constantly

From what I read on reddit from people that charge their eufy cameras with solar, the charge stops at 90% to prevent overcharging. BTW, FWIW I just received a white to match the 2C (they have both white and black) 3-pack of the Wasserstein Solar Panel directly from Wasserstein for less than $79 including 5% discount, free shipping, no tax and 5.5% cash back which amount to about $26/solar panel. More than 50% off than the $50+tax Eufy wants on Amazon.

The Eufy solar panel is available now on Amazon US for $50. Works with all Eufy cams.

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The only difference between the Wasserstein solar panel for the 2C/2C pro and the camE is the waterproofing of the connector (see pics below - they come in both white & black colors). So I don’t know how Eufy is selling only one for all of them. Maybe the solar panel cable is removable and provide either 3 cables or 3 microUSB adaptors one for the 2C/2C pro, one for the CamE, and one for the 2/2 pro. Either way the more connections (or same connection) you have the more likely it is to have a faulty waterproofing. I prefer the Wasserstein solution with waterproof connectors specifically designed for the Eufy cameras you have. Plus they cost 50% less.

Hey all thanks for the replies i guess i ll check the eufy ones.
I woumd think they are officially supported so they should be best choice