Solar panel with USB C connector

I’d like to upgrade to HB3 and the new 4k cameras as soon as support for Homekit becomes available, but the location of my main camera makes me hesitant. Its under a roof overlooking my main entrance. So the integrated solar panel would be of no use. My actual eufyCam is connected to a regular solar panel. But I see the new cameras come with a USB C type instead of micro USB
Eufy PLEASE make a suitable connector for the new cameras and the old solar panel

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Im curious on this as well. Eufy, are you planning on or going to make a compatible solar panel or dongle so that we can solar charge your new cameras with USB type C ports? Your first camera with a USB type C port was in 2021, it is now 2023. Why hasnt this been addressed?

I suppose you could use these adapter converters and make them weatherproof in the meantime but, don’t know if the current eufy solar panel is compatible (spec_wise) to charge the cams with the new USB-C.

… Update…
The solar panels now come with an adapter / converter. Micro USB to type C.
If you receive a solar panel kit without the included adapter that means you received old stock before they began supplying them. Contact eufy to request an adapter.


Thanks a lot!