Solar Panel for EufyCam 2C in UK

Can anybody link me to a solar panel that is available in the UK that works with the 2C camera? I’m having real trouble finding something that does not produce more than 5V, doesn’t drain the camera battery if there’s not enough sunlight to charge and just basically meets the required specs.

I’ve found a few that are 6v which I have discounted as I believe I am restricted to 5V only.

Does anybody have a link to something that works?



From what I’ve read 6v should be ok.

you might want to wait a bit, as eufy is developing a panel (supposedly) for the 2c cameras that should be available q1 2021. the problem with off the shelf panels is you will lose the cameras weather resistant seal unless you silicone the hell out of the connection. it’s my hope the eufy panel will retain the seal.

Hahaha I won’t hold my breath on the Eufy solar panel based on what I have read in this community.

I’ve ordered a 5V one from AliExpress and my camera sits under some eves so not directly exposed to rain. Hopefully when it arrives in ~30 days it will be good enough.

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